Setting a Budget


Sometimes you may want to prioritize spending when it comes to redecorating your home or planning an event or wedding. Here at Suzanne Nichols Design Group and Designer Events, we’ve worked with almost every type of budget and we do our best to stay within those parameters while still providing a product or event that exceeds our client’s expectations. For some it may be difficult to establish a budget or figure out how much to spend on a project so here are a few basic tips that have been helpful to our clients over the years:

• Establish what products/services you want in order to achieve the goal you desire

• Figure out costs associated with the products/services above (get some rough estimates, a simple Internet search can provide a starting point)

• Analyze this total to see if it fits your financial situation

• Prioritize the products/services for the ones you value most and start eliminating ones you can live without, this will start bring down your costs

• Always add a little extra in to your budget, just to cover for the unexpected

• Work with your vendors to keep good records on what your spending so you can monitor how the budget is being spent and if you’re staying on track

• Don’t be afraid to take advice/tips from your vendors – they’ve been through the process many times before and can show you appropriate shortcuts to help maintain a budget


Share your tips for setting and staying on budget for your wedding or interior design project – we’d love to hear from you!

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