Planning a child-friendly wedding

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When planning your wedding you’re most likely going to have children (nieces, nephews, sons, daughters) in attendance both at the ceremony and reception. To help ensure that the little ones stay as well behaved as possible throughout the event we encourage you to follow these simple tips. They’re easy on the budget, and you, as they will surely decrease your stress level on wedding day.

  • Try to have menu items that are kid friendly
  • Seat all children together at one table (works best with older children that can be away from their parents)
  • Leave a variety of toys as favors on the table, this will keep them entertained throughout dinner  (hit the Dollar Store for coloring books, crayons and other small toys)
  • Give them responsibilities like taking photos with disposable cameras or passing out programs
  • Hire Babysitters to attend the wedding and watch the kids, let’s parents have fun and be stress free too
  • If space allows at your venue set up a separate playroom just for the kids

    Megan Sease

    Article by Megan Sease

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