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Easy Makeover Ideas

Here are a few of our top (and favorite) makeover ideas that anyone can do. They're easy and won't break your budget. Bring some romance to your dining room by adding ...

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Designer Tree

Do you want something new for your tree? We can give it a designer touch! Add a new spin to your tree with a theme or a new color! We ...

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Decorating Mistake to Avoid

One of the most common decorating mistakes people make is forgetting to decorate their foyers. This is a missed opportunity to make a statement and first impression for everyone entering ...


Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Eat all of your favorite foods, enjoy great company and be sure to travel safely!


Vero Beach Wedding – Follow up

Here's a sneak peak at the beach wedding we did in Vero last weekend. More photos to come. This was so beautiful and we were so blessed to work with ...

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Bridal Open House – Follow up

Here's a photo from our Bridal Open House at the Maitland Art Center on 11/1. Thanks to those of you who came we had a great time. I think this ...


Thanksgiving is almost here!

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week? When I was younger I never believed my mother when she said time goes by faster the older you get, but now ...

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Grassy Furniture

This funky grassy textured furniture has become very popular. I've seen it used for events (weddings, corporate meetings, etc.), at hotels around their pool areas and even private residences. It's ...

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Beach Wedding

We are so excited about our beach wedding in Vero this weekend. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with this bride and groom and can't wait to see everything come together. ...


Cute idea for pastry tips!

Saw this idea on Real Simple's website and had to share. This is such a cute idea. If you have any pastry tips, reuse them as place card holders when ...

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Mock-up Boards

Creating the perfect ambiance for your wedding reception is essential; it sets the tone and reflects your style. Start collecting photos of things you like, it’s great inspiration for your ...

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Tomorrow is a big day for Americans. It doesn't really matter what candidate you prefer, the important part is that you go to the polls and cast your vote. We'll ...